Two Poems

by Eric Bennet


The Furthest Coast

Our mystery recedes
as the years swell behind us;
the wake of a crossing.
From shores of youth
we swim toward
the furthest coast.
These dark waters
that once terrified us
we now deem holy.
Baptized in Time’s river
we emerge hoary headed
and wet with wisdom.
On that day
we will rest on the beach;
eyes closed, belly up
and soak in the sun.


Before Genesis

I love lonely
crave the vanishing crowd
and the paucity of populace
long for the alone
in moonscapes and madness
and the stillness of lithium sleep

I require the shush and hush
of mutes and midnight
to cradle me
comfort me
and defy the enemies of isolation

I am mapping silences
for a return journey
to the face of the deep
before God interrupted the tranquility
of the universal womb
to speak worlds into being

Thumbnail image by Josh Chiang.