Smoking Under the Mistletoe

Welcome to Smoking Under the Mistletoe!  This December, we're back and publishing your weirdest, cheeriest, spookiest, cutest, most intense work yet. To submit, send a piece of fiction, non-fiction or poetry about the holidays to by December 18. 


A Letter From Rudolph by Rachel Sheldon

"Deer son, I heard that you gots accepted into Santa’s Reindeer Flight Academy. Well, I can’t even say I’m proud cause we all saw that one comin..."   Read More →


Years Only Happen Here Now by Jaxon Bradshaw

"There was a diner I passed by the other day / Filled with families and eccentrics / And everyone looked perfectly fulfilled / By the coffee in their hands..."   Read More →

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"There I was, squatting under the low part of the slanted ceiling in the attic, sobbing. The dust had made my eyes so itchy that this moment came at no surprise to me..."   Read More →

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The Christmas of '96 by Lis Stanford

"One Christmas at the age of 3 I would get my “big girl” bed. Back then my mom would stay up all night arranging the living room of our mobile home to make it look as if Santa Claus had come to visit. She would write on the tags of very specific presents..."   Read More →