My Sunshine

by Hannah Kate McClendon


Foreign hair strands reside on my pillow

Curves reminding me how un-straight I am

Luscious locks that make me write cliches

Dark eyes masking your intentions


I’m stuck in a whirlwind tornado

You’re not a phase, you’re a vicious cycle

I’m washed, repeated, washed, repeated

But never clean, never rid of your scent


I look at a car: all the ubers I bought just to see you

I look at the grass: the summer we fell in love

I look at a bar: all the fish in the sea that just aren't you

I stare at my bed: the place it all went to shit


Time is slow when I anticipate your touch

The moment I begin to move on, you find a way back

A heroin addiction would be easier to cleanse

I crave a glance to rob me of intuition


Green may mean go to some

But it will always be my favorite color

Because you made it so


But colors fade and tighten round my neck

Suffocation for pleasure

Self destruction for momentary happiness


I constantly try to run from you

But as I look down I see

I’m in a filthy lake, toes sinking in the mud

I pick a flem covered leech off my leg

Only to reveal a scar that will never fully heal

Thumbnail image by Annie Kopack.