Mortal Men May Cry

by David Wright

In memory of Warren and Marie Wright

Dear Donne, don't be naive. Death is mighty;
Death is unimaginably and dreadfully so. 
Death holds a power no one can know,
But it is a power the victim will never see. 
Rest and sleep, you may mistake Death to be,
But rest and sleep, from the loved ones will go. 
The strongest of us will have no strength to show
Until Time turns Death into a tale of a faded memory. 
Death is a weapon wielded by all fallen nature and men
Equipped from birth; we all drink from the same poisoned well. 
We fight back with drugs and herbs, but hellfire we cannot quell. 
It's naive to think that we should not be afraid of When. 
Death may come take us each ever so peacefully and quickly,
But Death shall torture forevermore the innocently guilty Why Not I. 

Thumbnail image by Dean Graham.