lost at sea

by Draven Haefs

i am a ship lost at sea, anchored to the floor looking for freedom.

i am held by status quo and coral reefs of tradition.

scared to jump, still i do.

i dive below longing to find meaning in the abyss of the sea

searching for atlantis, somewhere underneath the surface.

looking for something within,

long lost.

a few years back.  a few smirks ago. a few loose buttons ago. a few

blushes ago. a few broken promises ago. a few.

was i found when the waves crashed against the shore? was i found

when the rocks broke my freedom? was i found when the sea

pulled me back under? was i found amidst the seaweed?

the sea is not freedom. the sea is murky and beautiful in the night.

a poole of endless desire. the sea has its own agenda with limited

reward. the sea bites my ears and nips my hips. it pulls me under

and washes me up, empty in the morning.

good morning.

Untitled presentation.png

Graphic by Draven Haefs.
Thumbnail image by Emmaline Waller and Sabrina Sanchez.