Seventeen syllables. Three lines. 

This September we are hijacking the traditional Japanese form of poetry that is the haiku. 

ejection by Jon Adler

push me from your heart

onto the burning sidewalk

it’s what i deserve


too high by Blake Brown

I remember when

I noticed for the first time

That your love was lost

Haiku #2 by Trivette Knowles

You wrote me poems

Only for me to reject

Each line of your love

night wanderer by Alexa Scull

Is that a opossum?

Long tail blowing in the wind,

Reoccurring skunk.

earthly desires by Elizabeth Lee

all of us searching

for something we cannot find

it is not found here

a haiku by Blake Brown

Your touch has grown cold

Now matter how hard I try

You are not the same

6PM Flight by Mariana Pimiento

Nothing seemed as hard

Like when we had to say our

Goodbye. Long distance.

Unstable by Hannah Kate McClendon

Freedom comes with pain

Belonging comes with pain yet

Loneliness endures

Fatherhood by Edison Cummings

I bought all these plants

That I have to water now.

Didn’t think that through.

Haiku #6 by Grace Karls

I gave you your laugh

Then you chuckled at my mind

Please, it’s not funny!

soul by Draven Haefs

within stars of day

within the candles of night

our souls light the way

Crush by Hannah Kate McClendon


I know you don’t feel the same

You’re my distraction

Haiku #7 by Grace Karls

Play-dough soul gets punched

Years spent molding a red heart

Now a molded fist

A name by Annie Kopack

It was just a name

Until it belonged to you

Now it's everywhere

Home by Taylor Hollenbeck

Home I thought was you.

But I was just the rest stop

In the search for yours.

Haiku #5 by Grace Karls

Honey on my lips

God’s name and your sticky touch

Did God make honey?

Coxcombs on 14th Street by Meagan Weber

Subway screech I’m still

Seating; gulp with a dry throat

Which delay today?

Rejoice by Taylor Hollenbeck

Bask in the sunlight.

Soak up all of God’s wonder

And rejoice in it.

hypoglycemic anemic by Sabrina Sanchez

upper lip sweaty

teeth tingling hands numb dizzy

is this how I’ll die

anorexia by anonymous

Clawlike ribs and hips

I control my stark waistline

It controls my mind

15 hour drives by Jenna Smith

Take my cigarettes

I won’t miss them anymore

They taste just like you

detrivorus maximungry by Emmae Thomasson

The food chain’s true north,

Membrane of the forest floor.

A slug, “I eat death.”

Looking At Cemeteries by Alli Rose Fordyce

Even the bodies

That rest underground are caged

Are we ever free?

Art class by Mercy Tyne

“Just draw what you see!”

But ghosts don’t sit for portraits.

Careful what you wish

Self-love by Nolan Wolfe

Swimming in a deep

self-care, why are the best gone.

flowers picked so soon

“Magic diet” by Mercy Tyne

An apple a day

Will keep the doctor away

Once you’ve starved to death

English Major by Anna Wood

No calculator

I only count syllables

Please, crunch the numbers

Humanity by Emmaline Waller

I exist as a

Paradox; spirit and flesh

How do I belong?

South Carolina by Claire Bernardo

a chamomile tea,

m&ms on the plane and

We say goodbye now

Haiku #1 by Trivette Knowles

She sleeps, I wonder

How many have seen beauty

Which number am I

For my person by Elizabeth Winn

I did not know love

Until I saw her in you,

felt her in your touch.

a haiku by Marina Barnham

we kissed by the Seine

romantic films told us to

they are never wrong

Haiku wave by Nolan Wolfe

floating in free fall

waves crash on pink voiceless shores

listen to sound drown

Haiku breathe by Nolan Wolfe

coral water space

dolphin swimming through bubbles

breathe child breath the air

The Close by Micah Long

Conversations cease

Warmth of your head on my chest

We'll never be close

Hush by Kyra Rooney

Slam the door past late

Cat asks for my night stories

I will never tell

closet thoughts by Jon Adler

take me from the rack

where i wait for human touch

i am a nice shirt

opening up by Sydney Watson

let us not disturb

the sweet little flowers that

grow through the concrete

Haiku #6 by Trivette Knowles

Can I wear makeup

“Boys don’t do that, only girls”

Can’t I be pretty

ropes by Nathan Alford

glasses, cupid's bow

salt running, blotchy/silent

head down, bury old

Wednesday, 1:30 by Peter Murphy

Did you step past me

Easily - did the glory

Obsess - Hal, don’t go

gifts for worms by Jon Adler

salt and light on earth

tasty and luminous things

to share with us worms

Haiku #1 by Elli Esher

Step in a puddle

And the entire city

Floods into your shoe

Youth by Elizabeth Winn

A purgatory:

Torn between who I am and

Who I wish to be

He works the morning to afternoon shift by Carson Bunting

Gregory; asleep

Fermin the midday watchman

Keeps the castle cheap

crypt by Jon Adler

you are in stasis

incantations and secrets

remain locked within

but who’s your ocean spray by Sabrina Sanchez

like Icarus flew

too close to the sun - you’ll fall

wax melting for me

Freedom in The Question by Annabelle Ford

And what is your name?

Hallways have not whispered it.

I envy freshmen.

Haiku #5 by Trivette Knowles

When our eyes lock

Does the past come inside you

Leaving a faint taste

Moderation by Hannah Kate McClendon

Sips can heal long days

Sips can help words flow out mouths

Yet bring destruction

Haiku #10 by Grace Karls

You can turn it up

I’d like to burn a little

But yes I might melt

Demeter’s Daughter by Emmaline Waller

She’s ethereal

The queen of beloved springtime

Mother to violets

Lost in between the lines by Elizabeth Winn

I wanted some time.

A second. Just you and I.

Did you not know why?

Haiku #2 by Grace Karls

Longest time longing

Deafen me please with dreaming

Clouds make deadly friends

femme by Caroline Walker

is it just me, or

do her eyes make you think thoughts

you can’t say out loud

a haiku by Keanna Irving

Sweat, resin, hairspray

Smiling, tears, and holding tight

Unknown last goodbye

Cool! by Anna Wood

You’re cool! She’s so cool!

Thanks, happy to know you know

nothing about me.

Vacation by Mercy Tyne

You travel far away

Railroad tracks from razor blades

Ticket paid in blood.

ex nihilo by Caroline Walker

Her mind formless, void

He creates 'yes' from silence

He must think he's god

Skyscrapers by Nolan Wolfe

Too many streets there

sing a big city love song

so many rooms here

Bryant Park by Natalie Belford

Floral flows down slate,

drips toward a concrete sill.

Veil of Creation

your little death by Sabrina Sanchez

spurts of affection

farther than we’ve ever gone

too far for your guilt

Haiku #4 by Grace Karls

Bed deep in the woods

Rain-breeze buries me deeper

Warm but incomplete

a haiku by Jon Adler

even when i try

i can’t shake the hooks you have

lodged into my brain

Promise me, Virginia by Zoe Jones

Roadside muscadines

Miles of bridges and salt air

Please, dream of me too

Midtown Memories by Jared Neikirk

smudged crimson lipstick

mascara stains on white breasts

dripping from your tears

Haiku cry by Nolan Wolfe

Luminous dark fire

learn to lose, kindle, sparkle

to burn, yet to fly

Thumbnail image by Amelia Stanford.