Haiku Series 2017

Seventeen syllables. Three lines. 

This September we are hijacking the Japanese form of poetry that is the haiku. Though they are traditionally written on themes of nature, we're bringing a modern twist to the form.


a haiku by Claire Bernardo

buying donuts at
bodegas, there is icing
on my upper lip


Ode to Pigeons by Meagan Weber

sidewalk landing strips
dining on cigarette butts
i’ll make way for you


Chicken Haiku by Campbell Moore

Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck
Feathers flying everywhere
Now I’m not hungry


Chicken Haiku 2 by Campbell Moore

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
I am being torn apart
Please don’t hurt my eggs


Haiku for WH by anonymous

I love him and I
Can’t help wishing he could not
Even fucking breathe

a haiku by Carson Bunting

I’m all for no bra
Twin peaks free to roam about
Nip slips are a drag


Dog Park by Reed Stanton

I didn’t want to
But she insisted we go
And I’m glad she did

Les Enfants Terribles by Lis Stanford

I cannot escape
The sounds of screaming children
My ears are bleeding

a haiku by Christina Markakis

Opening my eyes
Was not necessary then,
When I held your sight


Haiku #1 by Deanna Snyder

I hate the taste of                                                        Whisky, except for when I
Taste it on your tongue



One of glass from the
past; i know, electrons, but
explain the shadows


Rubber cement by Hunter Kennah

With every punch thrown
And all your brokenness shown
I will stay standing


Second Largest Constellation by Lis Standford

Why does everybody
Hate September? Because, like,
It’s Virgo season


young & curious by Sabrina Sanchez

tropical moonlight
cascades down her skin, her laugh –
a bossa nova


a haiku by Devin Williams

Naps are my solace
One nap extends to five
Roommates seem concerned


BB by Campbell Moore

Avocado toast
A Tulip on my latte
Make sure you tag me.

city living by Edison Cummings

I dream in cornfields
But I hike grey concrete paths,
My heart between both.


Introvert by Addi Herndon

Sometimes I go off
By myself. To ear icecream.
In a park. Alone.



Burns by Maggie Ford

Didn’t know I was
Fire when we started out
You sure do now though.


Haiku #3 by Trivette Knowles

In absence pain spreads,
Parents pursue past pleasures,
Leaving us to cope


Haiku #2 by Christina Markakis

I hate kissing him
No tenderness running here
I miss how she feels


January by Sabrina Sanchez

In corduroy pants
And a sweater you left me
Colder than ever


High School by Reed Stanton

Patron saint of smoke.
Did I get what I wanted?
I can’t remember.


a haiku by Emma Buckingham

I didn’t notice
Until she pointed you out
Now you’re everywhere


Mott St. by Will Hogue

Pigeons and babies,
They don’t know how good and bad
Their New York lives are.


Haiku #4 by Jon Adler

if you have to leave,
forget your keys and wallet
so you can come back

Thumbnail image by Graceann Beverly.


Subway by Micah Long

Grand underbelly
Swallows thousands everyday
Takes them where they seek                                                           


Haiku #1 by Trivette Knowles

Loyalty, I scoff
Self-interest devours
You are always first.



Sink drain by Anna Wood

Tangled black python
Once a frame, now a monster
Suffocating drains



Jorts by Will Gautheir

Hot and heavy on
But I love the way they look
So I grab scissors


Lonely Girls&&& by Hank Jeannel


who are these girls here
blessed darkness there with us
I hope they love me


A haiku to anonymous thumbs by Will Hogue

A cup of water,
Then in a power outlet;
Not typing poems



Will you wander? by Hunter Kennah

My mind will wander,
To the days when I was yours.
Do you wander too?


Here you are by Hannah Gulledge

Pull open my ribs
And burrow yourself inside
I can be your home


Haiku #1 by Rachel Gruebbel

Who was I last night?
Am I the same in the dawn?
I do not know her.


Haiku #1 by Jon Adler

Bloody pop music
Dripping cells of red and white
Onto my ear drums



207TH, 2AM by Amelia Stanford




a haiku by Kyra Rooney

Lurking pesky louse
He crawls back every time
The eighth deadly sin


Haiku #2 by Trivette Knowles

Love dissipates
Anger floods empty pathways
We miss our past lives



Fight Night by Reed Stanton


Carmine outlined teeth
And aren’t you proud of yourself –                                   with your laurel wreath? 


a haiku by Walker Smith

Locked in Plato’s cave
I was promised a phone call
Corbin, are you there?


a haiku by Jonathan Keeler

we dreamed of heaven
but when we found each other
we found it was here.


Haiku #2 by Jon Adler

Lay me down, she said
Into the tracks, rats and trash
I yearn for subways


Haiku #2 by Rachel Gruebbel

Wine is dancing juice
I dance, and I dance some more
Then I fall sleep.



Haiku #2 by Deanna Synder

I wanted to be
A single stemmed flower, but
You made me grow roots



Luxembourg Gardens by Lis Stanford

Young couple kissing
Middle-aged man is staring
I’m uncomfortable



Haiku #3 by Jon Adler

Ginger, turmeric
Gross roots what heal you quickly
But for what foul price?


smoke break by Claire Bernardo

my fire escape
the way out when everything
is burning away



What’s in a name by Caroline Walker

You and me equal.
Yet, I got a new name: “slut”
While you remain “man”


that’s grandma Rosenbaum by Anna Wood

i’m a fourth Jewish,
probably – don’t ask grandma,
she’s a bit racist



a haiku by Nick Beckman

I am the Ocean
Tumultuous, yet how still.
White-caps rage silent.