February Again

by Alisa Goz

Editor's note: the pieces in our COMPASSION series were originally submitted to the Creative Writing competition as part of Interregnum XIV at The King's College. The following piece won second place. It was submitted on behalf of the House of Truth.


Hanging on the cross, Jesus cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

He chose to feel all the brokenness of the world.

Have you ever seen the eyes of a man

whose brother died? Those eyes let down a

weighted slab loose on my chest. And I cry


a bloody prayer. “So it goes. Just so. I

know,” he, he tells me and I suffocate.

Have you ever seen black eyes of a man


who stood atop a kitchen chair: hopeless,

praying to fall? Do not approach. Wool coat.

The weighted slab loose on my chest. I cry


a suffocated vow as white heat brands

my bones. I could see the void. Dare, listen

more: have you ever seen black eyes of a


man who is alone? Do you know what it

means to paint another soul? Oil man.

Burning block loose on his chest. He cries out,


but silence flagellates the vibrations

of his voice into nothing. Unreal flows.

So look now in the eyes of a man, a

burning metal slab on his chest, and cry—

Thumbnail image by Angel Boyd.