by Morgan Chittum

Editor's note: 'Consent' was the second piece published in our DREAD series in Fall 2017. The series also includes 'morgue poetry' by Claire Bernardo, 'Bridget Bishop' by Dean Graham, and 'Only Darkness' by Micah Long.


fell down a flight of stairs on absinthe,

with a dime bag, and some Xanax


in my pocket--urine filled

gym shorts in galilee with

a dragged burlap body--

my dragged burlap body.


into the laundry room

with the makeshift bedside

you designed. a hand over mouth

watches paint chipped doors

begging for the finish line


because the soft smell

of a humid room, cheap cologne--

of laundry detergent


takes me back to a party, where God closed his eyes.

cum covered purity ring--

dances between my thighs.


Thumbnail image by Iain McDonald.