Wedding Invitation

by Dean Graham

Editor's note: 'Wedding Invitation' was the third piece published in our Morning Breath II series in February 2017. The series also includes 'Craving' by Joseph Cambonga, two poems by Sabrina Sanchez, and 'Ownership' by Abbie DeHaas.


it was the best of times

it was the worst of times

time pickled in old vinegar

& served on the side with a sandwich

in the back of Mayberry's diner & ice cream shop

the only one left in that part of town


& it turns out loneliness

is the root of all evil

& pride is just what happens

when you don't want to admit it


& I learned your middle name today

when the wedding invitation

arrived in the mail

it's strange I never learned it

on those long summer nights

when the air tasted like

hellfire & candy

Sweet Tarts, specifically,

all mixed together

in a kick you when you're down



so you'll gather us as witnesses

crowded together in an old country house

gold sunlight on blue tiles

but maybe I'll just close my eyes

& talk about the future one more time

how winter wasn't all

that I expected

Thumbnail image by Evelyn Stetzer.