Because of Reasons

by Sabrina Sanchez


Because it’s him

Because it’s you


Because of the way his jaw curves in a hard line

Because of the way you wrinkle your nose when you laugh


Because he likes to keep the window open at night

Because you can’t sleep under the bed sheet


Because a Star of David hangs from his neck

Because you gave up on faith long ago


Because he can never find the words

Because you always have too many


Because a cowlick sits at the base of his head

Because the birthmark on your arm looks like a teardrop


Because he tastes like mango

Because you’re really craving mango


Because his fingers drum the rhythm of every song

Because you hum without even realizing


Because he smells like Christmas at your parents’

Because you smell like your lavender soap


Because he always gets his eight hours of sleep

Because you stay up till sunrise without meaning to


Because the calluses on his fingers feel rough against your skin

Because the dimples on your lower back give him a reason to live


Because he thinks he might love you

Because you’ll never admit you love him


Because it’s him

Because it’s you

Thumbnail image by Sabrina Sanchez.