a city's sole

by Amelia Stanford

Editor's note: the pieces in our Interregnum 2017 series were originally submitted to the Creative Writing competition as part of Interregnum XIII at The King's College. The following piece tied for first place. It was submitted on behalf of the House of Queen Elizabeth I.


crucified white nikes

floating on power lines.

my reception tangles

between 2 streets


where broke kids bubble

down the alleyways &

crown shadow men with

graffiti. somewhere


your pair got bullied

into street chalk. cops

wave white flags

when dangling shoes


circle overhead—makin’

deals in scabbed neighbor-

hoods. our tongues got

laced up after calling for


help. class disparity

demands the  

pursuit of happiness—


so we knot

this city together

with shoe strings &

a pocket of change.

Thumbnail image by Evelyn Stetzer.